Dr. Bruce Lipton. Notes from londonreal.tv interview. Coronavirus, epigenetics, and immune system.

Dr. Bruce Lipton. Notes from London real interview. Coronavirus, epigenetics, and immune system.

The most dangerous part of Covid-19 is fear.

Bruce Lipton is an expert of immune system.

What is this virus? Massmedia wants to make from it something more than what it is. However, it is flu. PERIOD.

Most people don't have immunological memory of flu. So they cant build resistence to it.

The fear that is generated around Coronavirus is the biggest problem.

Immune system in order to protect us consumes alot of energy. There are two protection systems in our bodies, one is immune system that protects us form inside and the other is adrenal system, which is 'fight or flight', that protects us from outside.

If we have gut problems, for example: parasites, our immune system starts to protect us. If we are at the same time being chased by a dangerous animal like a tiger, our protection system switches from immune system to adrenal system, because apparently we are in more danger from outside. And this is where the most energy will go, so 99% of our energy will go to "fight or flight" to save our life. Stress hormones help us cope with danger from outside, this means that in danger our body funds only stress hormones while there is not enough energy to fund inner organs. Why is this example important ? because this is what is happening right now with Coronavirus situation. Fear feeds virus. Fear spreads like virus and virus spreads like a fear. Today fear is 24/7 365. Stress exaggerates the effects of danger.

How to help yourself: eat healthy organic foods, take supplements to support yourself and watch what are you thinking.

Its not Covid-19 what is the probblem, it's the fear of death that we must deal with.

Regarding epigenetics, it's importatnt to mention that we have trillions of cells- stem cells, or embroitic cells- in our body that replace themselves everyday. What does that mean ? it means that our body changes everyday.

According to Dr. Lipton's lab experiment we can change the fate of cell by controlling the cultural medium, that is the environment. What does that mean ? It means that the fate of cell is not dependent on our genes but on environment.

We have been taught that genes control life, after Lipton's lab experiment, it is not true. Environment effects the fate of cells.

What makes real science is repetitation.

So one more time: the chemistry of your blood is controlling the fate of your cells.

In lab the chemist is scientist, he is the one who puts the chemicals in blood, while in your body the chemist is your brain. So what chemicals should your brain put into blood? because as we now know when you change chemicals, you change the cells. The pictures in your mind effect the chemistry of your brain. The pictures of love, are different from the pictures of fear. Being in love produces good hormones like: growth hormones. Being in fear produces stress hormones, that shut down your immune system. 

When in stress our cells are in protection, when in love our cells are in growth. The interesting thing is that it can't be both at the same time, our body chooses only one thing. When you are in love you open, when you are in fear you close. We shouldn't forget that your thinking controls your biology.

Quantum physics is the most trustful science today. The first principle of quantum physics is: consciousness is creating your life experiences, your reality. This means that your consciousness controls your chemistry which controls your body and life experiences.

Where are we getting our consciousness from? what information are you putting there ?the information that you are putting there is important because that information will be translated directly into your biology.

The naure of modern medicine is 'you stick to theory' untill it is absolutely dead.

The idea that germs cause problems is fake.

Lets repeat: genetics means that genes control the character of your life. Epigenetics means that environment controls the genes.

If genes control our life, then it means that we become victims of our heredity. Now, instead of becomming victims of our heredity we can become masters because we can control our biology.

Let's, go back to Coranavirus, virus is a program, it is not alive, you canno't kill it. You need to deactivate it by strong immune system.

Child's brain is computer. From last trimester of pregnancy to 7 seven years of child's life it records all programs that you give it. Child's brain functions on hypnosis. Child's brain during that age learns in a state of hypnosis. Whatever the child sees, hears, and experiences it's a direct download. It's a program. It learns from it's family and community, it's taking all behaviour it sees.

Till the age of 7, programmes are subconscious, automatic.

What is the function of subconscious mind: programs- habit. What is the function of conscious mind? creativity- thought.

Subconscious mind is the mind of habit.

Conscious mind is the mind of thought.

95% of the day the conscious mind is thinking. It has your wishes and desires. Whilst the subconscious mind has got programs from other people, outside world. 5% are our wishes and desires, and 95% are the program that your family, school, people taught you. And 75% of all that are programs from early childhood.

Let's go back to epigenetics: cancer is not about genes, cancer is about program.

Unfortunately, today pharmaceutical industry disempowers people.

Today what is happening is: lock down- breaking the community.

Media is weakening your immune system everyday.

Say to yourself every morning a list of affirmations that are your future goals that you want to be true and behaviours that you want to have.

You should exercise your conscious wishes and desires so you are not going to be left with automatic program that will take you in a wrong way. By repetitation it is how program goes to subconscious mind.

Both conscious mind and subconscious mind learn in different ways. The first one learns by reading a book, watching a video.. etc. Whilst subconscious mind learns by habit.

Subconscious mind changes in a different way. Because it is a habit mind, it resists habist. If you want to change it, you need to change habits.

If you want to educate your conscious mind you should educate yourself. We can greatly educate conscious mind, but that education doesn't filter into subconscious mind. People have same bothering programs for years. It is not enought to tell yourself "I don't want this or that program." Why they have these programs for years? because you have to put new programe in subconscious mind in a different way than you are putting in your conscious mind. Sobconsious mind learns in a very strict and restrictive ways. It's not enough to have wish and desire to change the programs from early age. It's not enough to stick to your refrigerator a nice affirmation, that is not a habit, that is only a suggestion. You need to make an effort to change habits.

Most of our behaviours are automatic.

We manifest our own reality thru subconscious programming that we don't see. And we percieve ourselves as victims. If you are a victim you give up power. Because if you are a victim, you tell yourself I can't do it, somebody else can do it. The moment you think you are a victim, you give up power to someone you think is more powerful.

We are creators. We are responsible.

When we repeat programs, and nothing goes the way we want we ask ourselves: why ?We should look inside and recognize old programs.

Coronavirus is just another symptom of not understanding ourselves, nature and what is happening around us.

Mass extention, animal disapperance is happenng because of human behaviour.

Are we going to understand and pay attention to symptoms around us ? are we going to respond to messages from nature ?

Now, due to current situation we are in a pause, everything stopped, it's time to ask ourselves are we going back to the same behaviour? or do we want to create more sustainable life ?

We should seek: cooperation not competition. Competition means: I don't care about you, I care about me.

We are all one.

Don't wait for government to protect you, you have to protect yourself.

Dr. Lipton's '' honeymoon effect " concept: When you fall in love, you stop thinking, you become mindful, present. And when you stop thinking your behaviour is not operating by programs and you stop defaulting. You start being conscious, which is creative, you start operating from place where your wishes an desires are. You stop playing programs of limitations. This period: " the concept of honeymoon ", is amazing because you express who you are, what you want to be, your wishes an desires. Why this period is so short for so many people? why it doesnt last ? well, because you start thinking about your responsibilities, job, work, bills ..etc. When we go back to thinking, we redirect our conscious to thinking, then our behaviours are not based on our wishes and desires, but they are the copy of behaviours that we have downloaded.Tell yourself, that is not me, that is my programe.

How can you change that ?

You can rewrite the programs that are disempowering you and limiting you. And put in programs that manifest your wishes an desires. One more time: take your wishes and desires from your conscious mind and make them programe in your subconscious mind. The results will be amazing, you will be again in honeymoon, this time for the rest of your life, whether you are thinking or not thinking.

What should you do ? understand what is "the honeymoon concept". Stop playing old programs by paying attention and being aware. Start creating and operating from your wishes and desires.

This planet is the place of creation. Ask yourself what do I want to create ?

We have a choice. We can be victims, or we can be creators. Victim is undercontrol, and creator has control.

The Coronavirus situation is taking us to: fear, shut down, loss of community, break down of system. Take it as a time to learn.